These are samples of contextual help tutorials made for Smart Trakker, an online membership and data management tool. Smart TrakkerTM is a suite of integrated modules that share a common database. Each module can be used independently or along with any or all of the other modules. As a value added feature, Smart Trakker has incorporated many help tutorials into the application to aid in the onboarding of new clients.

This Short video was produced as an introduction to a presentation which introduced new software to a group of general managers. The much anticipated Star Wars film had just been released and I thought it would be fun to have our own remix. After several days of meetings in which heavy topics and planning took place, all the participants were ready for a little laughter and fun. This little production lightened the mood and set a more playful tone for what was otherwise another boring PowerPoint presentation.

To reduce file size, I rendered this video at a very low resolution. It should not be viewed any larger than the preview size displayed. This video utilizes PhotoShop, Premiere Pro and After Effects.

This video was shot for the purpose of sharing knowledge among installation facilities.

To reduce file size, I rendered this video at a very low resolution. It should not be viewed any larger than the preview size displayed. This video utilizes PhotoShop, Power Point, and Premiere Pro.


This training module was prepared for use in a call center environment. As written communication became more prevalent in eCommerce, Fifth Gear Fulfillment Company began to offer this service to its many partners. It was quickly apparent that additional training was required for agent tasked with replying to consumer emails and chat sessions. Many of the phone agents were highly skilled in customer service; however, navigating the nuances of written communication became problematic for even the most seasoned agent. As a compliment to existing training modules, this presentation serves as the first step in developing the specialized skill of written communication.

This training module utilizes PowerPoint presentation software.

This is sample of a 3D model prepared for personal use. The model was done using sketchUp 3D modeling software.

Louisiana MO is Turning 200! ...and we're planning a party!

This website was designed to keep the community informed of our fundraising events over the next year; as well talk up the big party planned for July of 2018.

www.louisiana200.com utilizes HTML using the Bootstrap platform.

Fifth Gear Fulfillment Company has dozens of eCommerce and catalog retailers for which they are contracted to provide customer service, as well as warehouse and fulfillment services. Fifth Gear's website makes this statement about their call center employees: “To be successful in communicating your brand's unique story, our agents become keenly aware of the needs and wants of your shoppers. They immerse themselves in your products and your overall approach to serving customers. Our contact center management team works closely with clients to build on successes and uncover new ways to enhance your brand investment.”

This brand promise creates two issues for those on the front lines: collecting and cataloging the data and getting it in the hands of each call center agent. Keeping up with the ever changing program of one partner is a feat in and of itself; but now imagine collecting, cataloging, training and providing agent resources for more than 10 separate “brand voices”. Also, a typical call center customer service agent is expected move seamlessly between calls, all the while remaining consistent with partner guidelines, policies and procedures.

The call center attempted to deal with this endeavor by creating a shared drive, however after years of mishandling, the data on the shared drive became difficult to navigate and unreliable.

The concept of The Agent Knowledge Database emerged! Having a central repository with specific administration controls is at its core. Employing consistent and intuitive navigation is essential to its success. Additional features such as “announcements” and “alerts” allow administrators to quickly broadcast messages and to set an expiration date for the content. Added functionality includes a task manager intended to facilitate interdepartmental communications.

The Agent Knowlwdge Database utilizes HTML,PHP, MySQL and Javascript.